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Welcome to Sportspicksconsulting.com!

This page is here to help you better understand this site and what this site offers.

We offer a variety of packages that will provide you with expert opinions and picks on odds for basketball and football games. To gain access to these picks you will need to become a member. You don’t need to be a member to view the different packages we offer.

It is important to understand that it is impossible to be 100% correct when picking games over an extended period of time. The key is to be consistent, and being able to provide a winning percentage of picks for our members. You can see that our winning percentage is above the industry standard. Most of the industry unofficially agrees that a 60% win percentage is being successful. Although we agree with this 60% standard, we are also continuously picking a winning percentage of games that is greater than this 60% industry benchmark!

On the homepage you will see a listing of our most recent picks. This will allow you to gauge our success according to your own standards.

Our picks, and this website, are catered to people with all levels of experience in reading and understanding odds. We provide a short description for each of our picks, which provides analysis on why we are making that specific pick.

We encourage our members to fully understand odds (commonly referred to as “lines” and how to read them. The team that is favored will have a “-“ followed by a number. This means that this team is favored by that number. If that team is one of our picks, then we believe that they will win by more than that number. Also, if a team has a “+” followed by a number, then that means that they are underdogs by that number. If that team is one of our picks then we believe they will lose by less than that number or even win the game.

Example: If our pick is Denver –3.5 then we believe that Denver will win by 4 or more points.
Example: If our pick is Cleveland +3.5 then we believe that Cleveland will lose by 3 or less points or win the game.

If you see the line as a “p”, that stands for “pick”. This means that the line is even, and neither team is favored.

We also offer picks on Over/Under lines (Also commonly known as “Totals”). This is the total amount of the combined points scored between two teams in a single game. When reading our picks; if you see an “o” followed by a number, that means that we believe that both teams will score a combined total of more than that number. Whereas, if you see a “u” followed by a number, that means that we believe that both teams will score less than that number.

When we provide our descriptions for the games that we pick, we will commonly refer to terms, phrases, and titles that should be very helpful to you as our members. You should be very familiar with these terms, phrases, and titles so that you can gain the full experience of advice that we are offering on this site.

Here is a glossary for some of the terms, phrases, and titles that we use and are very common in the industry:

Spread: Another name for the line of a game.

Money Line: The line that allows you to just pick the winner of a game with no regards to the spread. Odds and payouts obviously decrease or increase based on how much of a favorite or underdog the team is.

Teaser: Selecting a group of two or more games where you can add or subtract points from the spread to make the bet stronger in your favor. The addition or subtraction of points is in return for reduced odds. You must win every game in the group to win the Teaser.

Parley: Selecting a group of 2 or more games that all need to win for you to win the Parley. The payout odds are higher since you have to win every game in the group.

Hook: The act of “buying” points to change the line in your favor. This is done in return for reduced odds.

Push: A game that finishes as a tie in regards to the spread.

We hope you enjoy your experience at Sportspicksconsulting.com! Please contact us if you any questions.

Thank you!